November 28, 2018


Plantacor is a privately held company located in College Station, Texas in the heart of the “Texas Triangle”. The area is also home to Texas A&M University, The Texas A&M Health Science Center, The Texas A&M Institute of Pre-Clinical Studies, the Texas A&M Institute of Genomic Medicine and the National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing.  The Company has access to unique compounds developed at Texas A&M University in College Station derived from a natural compound found in plants known for its chemo preventative properties.  These compounds are protected by a series of issued patents and additional pending patents.  After evaluating a small portion of the library developed by Texas A&M, we have identified compounds with activity in multiple cancers and have them in various stages of preclinical evaluation.
In addition to drug candidates, Plantacor has developed certain formulation techniques and is evaluating additional natural compounds utilizing this technology.  Much of this work has been funded through the generous donation of a foundation interested in pancreatic cancer research.  The early data is exciting and we continue to evaluate additional ways to utilize this science.

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